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Veterinary Services

Wellness Exams

Our preventative health care plans span the life of your pet – from puppy / kitten wellness exams to preventative health screenings for seniors. Vaccinations, yearly testing for heartworm / tick-borne diseases, dental evaluation, weight assessment and regular deworming are key components of a complete wellness care program. At Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital, we educate our doctors and staff on innovative developments in the preventative medicine arena. Our clients receive the most up-to-date medical information so that they can make the most informed decisions regarding the care of their companions.

Surgery & Laser Surgery

Our doctors perform both routine and non-routine surgical procedures. The use of our surgical laser will help reduce your pet’s recovery time, swelling, bleeding, and post operative pain. In our surgical suite, we utilize new state-of-the-art monitoring equipment and employ trained technicians to ensure your pet’s safety while under anesthesia.  


Maintaining your pet’s oral hygiene is one of the most important things you can do to ensure that he or she lives a longer, healthier life. Poor oral hygiene can lead to periodontal disease, tooth loss, painful gums, and other serious health problems such as heart, liver, and kidney disease.


We are committed to educating our clients on the importance of dental health and we include a thorough dental screening at every examination. As part of our new hospital, we have a dedicated dental suite with new equipment to perform routine dental procedures and look forward to offering digital dental X-rays in late 2014.


Microchipping provides you as an owner a way to obtain a permanent identification of your pet. Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital participates in the AKC microchip program. If a dog or cat that was running loose is recovered, a microchip allows animal shelters, rescue groups, animal control officers and animal health care providers a means of identifying the animal and a contact for their owner.


A microchip, the size of a grain of rice has a barcode. It is implanted by injection just under the skin and remains there permanently. Lifetime registration forms are completed by our office and sent to the American Kennel Club. There are no yearly renewal fees. If you move, it is imperative that you notify the AKC to update your contact information. The chip numbers remain on permanent file in your pet’s medical record here at Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital.

Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital - Therapeutic Laser
Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital
Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital - Surgery
Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital - Dentistry
Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital - Radiology

Therapeutic Laser

Whether your pet’s pain is long term or acute, therapeutic laser therapy will stimulate healing and reduce pain from injuries, lesions, and other chronic conditions in your pet. Therapeutic lasers penetrate deeply into tissues to stimulate cells to heal without generating heat. Due to the deep penetration, the lasers can be used effectively on bones, joints, and nerves. The result of this energy equals accelerated healing with minimal risk of damage. As a cutting edge veterinary hospital, we now offer a therapeutic laser service. This has been a successful treatment option in human medicine for over thirty-five years. The laser treatments are administered in our new “quiet room” designed to be less of a clinical exam room and more like a comfortable room in your home.



The process of taking x-ray images is extremely quick. What used to take 20-30 minutes now takes seconds! Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital is excited about our new state-of-the-art versatile X-ray machine. It gives us the best in digital radiographic images and detail! The quality of the images produced by this system rivals those at most universities and veterinary college teaching hospitals. When necessary, images can also be electronically transmitted for a specialist interpretation or for a referral to a specialty center.We perform many studies for OFA certification and the virtual “films” are now transmitted directly to the OFA offices in Columbia, Missouri.



Health Certificates

As a primary care veterinary hospital, Hunterdon Hills’ veterinarians perform health examinations for many animals. The doctors are USDA federally accredited and therefore are approved to sign domestic and USDA international health certificates for animals traveling overseas.


We will be happy to assist you in preparing documents and, in some cases, special rabies blood tests required by rabies-free locations around the world. Travel document requirements vary widely by country, so it is best to do some homework first before making any arrangements.


Some countries have certain import/export timetable conditions. Check the country’s website or call the local consulate office to get the latest information.


Hunterdon Hills Animal Hospital offers our feline and canine-owning clients new, clean, comfortable, safe and secure rooms. Our feline patients are in their own quiet room away from the dogs and other areas of the hospital. This is so they are not subjected to additional stress. We have a dedicated refrigerator and treatment table in the room. Dogs have nineteen runs available for boarding.


Among the many features of the dog kennel are:

  • Radiant floor heat that keeps the animals warm right at their level!

  • A cot for sleeping and secure water and food bowls in each run that won’t tip over.

  • Better sanitary and physical security for the animals. Each run has an individual sanitary drain and block walls separating the runs from one another.

  • Stainless steel and tempered glass run doors mean better hygiene and easier spot checking. 

  •  Closed circuit cameras are mounted at either end of the room and can be accessed remotely by our computers. Speakers are mounted in the ceiling for calming music!

  • Our commercial restaurant dishwasher cleans and sanitizes their dishes to 180 degrees F to eliminate transmission of infectious agents.

  • Two double-wide runs for giant breeds or multi-dog families!​


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